Let’s Be Honest

This may look like a mountain, but it's really just a mole hill.

This may look like a mountain, but it’s really just my resident mole hill.

Can I take a moment to just be honest? I started this blog because I truly love to do it all. Or, rather, I truly love to TRY it all. I’m not an expert at anything, really, and it’s taken me a long time to come to grips with that. But you know what? That’s who I am. I can be super steady (I’ve got two degrees in one field, for Pete’s sake!), or I can have the attention span of a gnat (I think I’ve started about 100 journals in my life and can you guess how many I’ve kept faithfully?).

The truth is, I’m curious and I’m a learner. So what does that mean? That means that most everything in my life is actually a mole hill, whether or not I perceive it to be a mountain. My husband is helping me to respond to my mole hills with more ease and less rigidity (as one ought to respond to  mole hills), because I can often treat piles of clean laundry, like the one pictured above, as if they are my arch nemeses, when, really, they are just big piles of clean laundry that need to be folded, put away, and, hopefully, not re-erected. I mean, they could be piles of dirty laundry, right?

Whatever they are, it’s important for me to show them to you. Why? because I feel that it’s very important for bloggers to represent themselves honestly. Writing this post will take me about a half an hour by the time I’m done with it. Others will take much longer. Why do I point that out? Because the tag line for my blog is, “Doing it all, all the time.”

What I mean is that I do little bits of everything on a daily basis, and I love it! But what that also means is that I don’t do little bits of lots of others things precisely BECAUSE I dabble so much.

One of my undergraduate professors said that all of life’s choices are a trade off. To choose to do one thing is simultaneously to choose to not do something else. So, right now, instead of folding my laundry, I am writing a blog post about not folding my laundry. The two are mutually exclusive. So when I dabble in this or that, sometimes other things don’t get done.

I’m not saying X is better than Y, but what I am saying is that I am not superwoman. I cannot “do it all, all the time,” and I want you to remember that. Social/informative media has a dangerous way of portraying its creators as perfect, excellent, diligent master minds, and can sometimes make readers feel inadequate, under-productive, or just plain dissatisfied with their lives.

Please don’t let my blog do that to you! Please don’t read my posts and see anything other than a woman who has her fingers in every pie she’s ever pulled out of the oven simply because she can’t wait long enough to let it cool and because the chef always gets the first taste.

I love my life, and I love that I get to do so many things so often, but if you think I don’t have both mountains and mole hills setting up camp in my living room, you’re dead wrong. My life looks just like yours. Today, tomorrow, and everyday.

Until next time, my friends!

S. Taylor, The Taylor of All Trades

2 thoughts on “Let’s Be Honest

  1. Claudia says:

    I love your honesty! I remember once, years ago, crying to my hubby bc I couldn’t keep up with everything. And all these wonderful stay at home, homeschooling mommy bloggers got it all done! HOW?! He said, they don’t. There’s no way to get everything done every day. Sweetest words to my ears, lol.

    • taylorofalltrades says:

      I never saw the movie, but one came out a while ago called, “How does she do it,” with Sarah Jessicah Parker about a working wife and mother. It made me mad because I thought to myself, “SHE” doesn’t. Her nanny, her cleaning lady, her chef, and her assistant do it! Maybe that was the point of the movie, but if it wasn’t, shame on them for making it seem like any one woman can do EVERYTHING and still get sleep at night 😛

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