It’s day 4 of 365 on my Picture A Day Weight Loss Journey (#PADweightloss) and today was a GOOD day! I weighed in just now at 235 which is an official pound less than my starting weight! I have three more days to lose that second pound and I came under my calorie budget by 632 calories (woo!) today, so I’m sure that helps!


I was able to spend some time with my sister today, which turned into a longer outing than I had planned. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to work out, but then my niece and I walked around my sister’s complex for a half an hour and that made me feel much better about the day.

Sure, it didn’t blast a million calories, but it kept up momentum for the long year ahead and that’s all that matters.

And even more beneficial, my sister and I were able to spend time discussing the theology behind a plan like this one. I was so encouraged and renewed by our discussion, and so affirmed!

Please keep me in your prayers when and if you think of me, and, as always, encouragement is always welcome!

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