PAD Weight Loss Journey Day 8

It’s the start of the second week of my Picture A Day Weight Loss Journey, and, as you all know, yesterday was NOT a good day.


I threw myself a roaring pity party yesterday because I realized I was alone in this, and, after writing that I’d stayed under my calorie intake budget, I subsequently went and ate two tablespoons of betty crocker frosting.

Good one, S, punish yourself because others have hurt you. That’s logical, isn’t it?

Well, thankfully today is a new day and I’ve got a new perspective.

The issue itself, me feeling like I’m in this alone (which I am), like I’ve got no support system to get me through this gigantic task set before me (which I don’t), well, it hasn’t been resolved at all. What has changed, though, is my response to it.

I’m an intrinsically relational human being. I’ve never been the type of person who wants to achieve all sorts of greatness alone. I LOVE to give credit to others for their role in my successes and hardly ever speak truthfully about their role in my failures. I’m an encourager by nature, so to be left without anyone to encourage me has been hard.

But one thing has been helpful as I overcome this brutal reality; something a coach once said to me when I was a swimmer in high school: “When you’re in the water, no one can kick your a** but you.”

I feel like I understand the meaning of that statement now more than ever.

When you’re in the water, you can’t hear or see anyone or anything outside the pool. It’s just you and your goal. You and your own personal best. You and the finish line.

That’s what this journey is about for me. No one’s swimming in the lane with me. No one’s standing at the other end of the pool ready to cheer me on when I come up for that last breath of air before the flip turn.

It’s just me, my goal, and the finish line.

The question is: am I going to give it my all anyway?

The answer is: YES! I can and I WILL!

Until Next Time My Friends,

S. Taylor,

The Taylor of All Trades

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