PAD Weight Loss Day 12

So, I’ll just start by saying that I am UUUUUUBBBEEEERRR embarrassed of today’s pic.

PADweightoss Day 12 of 365.jpg

This is my first “sitting down” picture, and boy! does it put things into prospective. I was feeling a bit deflated yesterday when my scale said I’d gained a pound, so today when I woke up I was NOT looking forward to my workout. I just felt like it was all for naught. In my head I knew that wasn’t the truth, but I couldn’t get my heart to agree.

Thankfully, though, I was able to set up the dumbbell rack today, so that put a little bit of pep in my step, which was ever so necessary.

I found a great cardio/strength trainer named Kit Rich on YouTube and I REALLY like her. Her videos are about 35 minutes long, she has an excellent teaching style, she’s super encouraging, her work outs push you without making you feel like you can’t hang, AAAANNNDDD the best part is…drumroll please…they’re FREE! If you are just starting out or need a new workout routine, check out her 30 Minute Full Body Circuit Training Fusion Workout video. It’s FANTASTIC!

I also did an easy weight lifting circuit tonight which I thought was very accessible for a beginner like me, and, again, I found it on YouTube so it was free! All you need is a set of light dumb bells and a floor mat if you’ll working on a hard surface. Otherwise, nothing else is needed to complete Coach Kozak’s 15 Minute Beginner Weight Training – Easy Exercises – HASfit Beginners Workout Routine – Strength video.

So as the second week of my weight loss journey nears an end, I want to leave you with an excerpt my husband sent me today from Paul Tripp’s New Morning Mercies:

 Yes, change is possible, not because you have wisdom and strength, but because you’ve been blessed with the grace of Jesus.

You’re not stuck. You’re not encased in concrete. Your life is not a dead end. The possibility of change has not slipped through your fingers. Change is possible for you and me even in the places where change seems most hopeless. Why? Because the Giver of transformative grace has made you and me the place where He dwells!

Until Next Time My Friends,

S. Taylor,

The Taylor of All Trades



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