PAD Weight Loss Journey Day 29

It’s day 29 of my picture a day weight loss journey and today we had SO much fun with our friends Brian and Zaneta. They arranged sitters so that we could go on a couples excursion in the mountains. It was my first time going off-roading and boy! was that an experience!

We were also able to do one of our all time favorite things: recreational shooting!

Brain and my husband both have a deep love for shooting and they’ve passed it on to Zaneta and me. As die-hard supporters of the second amendment and CCW permit holders (very soon), practicing our shooting skills is both a joy and a challenge.

When we got home we were so exhausted all we wanted to do was veg. Z and I spent some time crocheting in front of the fire and Brian and Andrew napped. It was the perfect afternoon.

But the best part of the day was when Zaneta made us HOME MADE pizza. She made ours the “normal” way but from scratch and showed me how she makes pizza the THM way. She’s really the most amazing woman I have ever met. Strong, loving, godly, diligent, smart, an amazing cook, and just a ton of fun! God blessed me when He brought her into my life and I am glad I get to learn about health and fitness from her!


She’s the mother of four and has a killer body. She attributes it to the THM lifestyle, working out 5-ish days a week, and getting good sleep. She’s a living testament that this style of life is successful, so I’d be a fool to not at least look into it.

As for today, we had too much fun shooting and playing our favorite board game (ever!) to work out, and I made a conscious decision to stop counting my calories until we get home.

As I learn to apply the biblical principle of self-discipline that started me on this journey in the first place, I always want to be honest with myself about what is working and what requires flexibility. And after the past couple of days, I’ve decided vacation days require flexibility, not rigidity.

Even if I haven’t been working out or counting calories, I’ve been growing in other ways: in relationship with others, in encouragement and affirmation of the people who mean the most to me, in taking time to just enjoy my family and the special, slow days we have been gifted, and in learning to be flexible for the sake of those around me.

I can be such a perfectionist that, in the past, rigidity has caused me to be short, mean, and angry with those in close proximity to me. But I’m tired of being that woman.

Yes, I have a weight loss goal. No, I haven’t been working diligently to ensure I meet it. Yes, it is ok. And no, I won’t quit just because I’m taking a week off from my plan.

The most important thing is that I return to it as soon as possible and understand that what I’ve gained this week is far more valuable than what I might have lost in pounds if I’d rigidly stuck to plan.

Until Next Time My Friends,

S. Taylor

The Taylor of All Trades

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