PAD Weight Loss Journey Day 33

It’s day 33 of my picture a day weight loss journey and (omgoodness) I am BEYOND exhausted.

We had a loooooooonnnnngggg day that was marked with a ton of accomplishments and something fun: We went grocery shopping at Aldi and Sprouts of the first time ever.

A friend of mine recently encouraged me to look into the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle, and, although I’m not very far into the plan book, I’ve been doing some serious research and I’d really like to apply myself to it.

It makes a lot of sense and is based on Biblical principles, so I am inclined to believe I can’t go wrong trying it out. It’s definitely totally intimidating and I feel bogged down, A LOT, but finding quick guides, recipes, and tips from pro THMers is helping.

So tonight I took a baby step in the right direction. I bought a bunch of good flours (I LOVE to bake) and some pure kinds of sugar to start moving us away from processed foods and artificial or high fructose corn syrup types of sweeteners. I’m not sure I’ll ever really be able to make the switch to sweeteners like Stevia, but I won’t rule anything out just yet.

Tonight I made my very first EVER batch of whole wheat chocolate chip cookies (whole wheat flour, almond mill, peanut butter powered, and pure cane sugar) and, honestly, thats the biggest little victory I think I’ve made to date.


I love, and I mean LOOOOOVVVEEEE refined, enriched, all-purpose flour. Give me a loaf of bread or white flour cookie any day and I’m in heaven! I love it so much I thought I would never, and I mean NEVER be able to give it up.

But after just a tiny bit of a comparison between whole wheat bread and white bread, I can see that baked goods made from white flour just aren’t good for my body – or anybody’s body for that matter.

I’m not going to go on a crusade (I don’t think), so don’t worry. I won’t start ramming THM down your throat just yet, but it’s like my friend Zaneta says: “Just wait till you start reading labels and seeing what goes into the food you eat. You’ll never eat junk food again.”

And, you know, I think I can safely say that I totally agree! If I can feel that way about bread, how much more so when it comes to processed candies, cookies, and savory snacks??

I’m rambling. All of that to say, more than anything in the world I want to be healthy and I want to make healthy food for my family. What good is killing myself working out if I’m just going to undo all my hard work by eating counterproductive food?

Speaking of working out, despite our insanely busy day, my husband helped push me to make sure we got our workout in and – although I kind of fought against him – I’m so glad (and feel so blessed) to have my very best friend as my accountability partner. He really helps me stay on track and I’m super lucky to have him there to lead me when I’m not being faithful to my goal.

As far as today’s picture, I’m actually kind of proud of it:


I have legs! Who knew? It’s been SOOOO long since they weren’t totally eclipsed by a massive spare tire – I almost don’t know whose legs those are!

It’s just really stinking encouraging seeing the little changes along the way. Pretty soon I know they’ll add up to really big ones – I can’t wait!

Until Next Time My Friends,

S. Taylor

The Taylor of All Trades


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