PAD Weight Loss Journey Day 44

It’s day 44 of my picture a day weight loss journey and today I’m feeling like a CHAMP!


I stepped on the scale midday and it read 229.9. That’s the first time I’ve been under 230 pounds in over 10 years! I’m so happy I could scream!

It gives me renewed motivation to see progress not just in the pictures, but on the scale as well.

I’ve learned along the way that the scale can be the enemy in the early phases of a journey like this, because the changes that start to occur are better measured by the tape than the scale. I don’t know the science of it, but I do know that I can attest to that being the case.

I started to reap the benefits of learning to live a healthy lifestyle almost immediately, thought neither the pictures nor the scale reflected them at first.

All of that to say, if you’re on a journey like mine, don’t get discouraged when the scale doesn’t say what you’d like it to say.

Focus on the fact that the changes you are making are far more significant than whether or not you are losing weight (which just so happens to be a natural reaction to the healthy changes you are making). Losing weight is, yes, nice, but more importantly, you are taking care of your heart, your lungs, your mind, your bones, your muscles, and all the rest of your internal organs. You are increasing your life-span and improving your quality of life. You are growing in strength, flexibility, and confidence, and, if your motivation is the same as mine, most importantly, you are glorifying God by brining your body under submission through self-discipline and faithfulness.

Will you lose weight? Yes. But that’s not the point.

The point is to learn to care for and be responsible with the only body you will ever have. And that’s what makes the timeframe for a journey like this more bearable.

Could it take weeks, months, YEARS to become the healthy person you want to be? Probably. But when you think about how many years you have left to live, 1-2 years’ worth of sacrifice seems to doable in the long-run!

So, take heart, don’t quit, be faithful, and keep on keepin’ on! We CAN do this!

Until Next Time My Friends,

S. Taylor

The Taylor of All Trades

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