PAD Weight Loss Journey Day 70

It’s day 70 of my picture a day weight loss journey and, holy saturn, you guys! I just did a heart healthy walking workout and I CANNOT believe how much I sweat!


I went into it thinking it was going to be a breeze and it kicked my butt! It’s called, START! Walking at Home American Heart Association 3 Mile Walk and I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s 45 minutes of low impact heart pumping aerobic cardio and I felt so energized afterward!

The reason I chose to do it was because I’d done that strenuous lunge and weight session the other day and today was the first time I felt rested enough to attempt working out again. This is the perfect workout if your achingly sore!

Something else happened that made my day today: I took a comparison picture from a day two weeks ago when I was wearing the same outfit. The picture on the left was from day 55; the picture on the right is from today, day 70.


Can you believe it? I was feeling a little discouraged because my scale hasn’t been moving the past two weeks, like, never dipping below 227 at the end of the day, so I assumed no real progress was being made. But look, you can SEE it right there in the pictures, which is why it is SOOOOO important to be taking them in the first place.

This journey can be so grueling sometimes and the mental and emotional fortitude it requires can sometimes feel impossible to generate. But the biggest blessing for me so far has been the fact that I’m not alone.

Some of my closest friends and family members are on similar journeys and their successes provide and inexhaustible source of encouragement and motivation!

And since I just CANNOT help myself, it’s time for me to do some bestie bragging!

If I haven’t already done so, I NEED to tell you about my dear, dear friend Kara. She’s one of the most amazing women I have ever met! Married to a wonderful man whose been called into ministry, mother of two very young girls, living pretty much all alone in a state that is WAY too far away from mine (and most of the rest of her family and friends), and yet still carving out the time to make the small changes in her diet and fitness that are helping her reach her goals. Just today she texted me with the encouraging news that her first major goal has been met: she can once again get her ring on! I am so proud of her I could climb on my roof and sing a victory song in her honor! I’ve known her for years and she is consistently one of the most encouraging, caring, loving, loyal, supportive, wise, and humble women speaking Truth into my life! I would be lost without her and I owe much of my success to her faithful encouragement, which is why her victories are a cause for celebration in my own life! Keep it up, Kare Bear, you’re doing GREAT!

My cousin Desiree is another bestie about whom I must brag. She’s pretty awesome! I don’t think she’ll mind me saying this at all, but she started her own journey because she was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She and her husband have ben doing keto and they love it! They are seeing amazing results, and she just posted today that she’s lost 11 pounds – that’s AMAZING! She’s a mother of three boys and loves to cook. I get a TON of amazing meal ideas from her and it’s such a joy to be eating in a way that is so similar to hers. The more we learn independently, the more we are able to share with one another, and the more we BOTH grow. It’s the BEST way do this journey! She, my sister, and I have been Charlie’s Angels (my dad’s name is Charly :P) since we were kids and it’s so cool to be on similar journeys as we figure out how to lead the healthiest lives for our families.

Finally, I want to brag about my mom for a bit. She’s the most amazing woman I know. Growing up, she worked full time, did all the cooking and cleaning, raised my (down syndrome) brother, sister, and I, made the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten (even to this day, and I consider myself a bit of a foodie!), and lead by example as a woman of encouragement and hospitality. She’s the first one to tell me my dreams will become reality and the last one to doubt my abilities (in fact, she never does!). So when she started her own journey, I wanted to repay her love and encouragement with some of my own. She’s doing SUCH an amazing job! She’s making small changes and seeing steady results. Like me, the progress is showing up in pictures, though sometimes not on the scale. Although, she’s seeing success there too! She’s taking serious strides toward moving away from processed foods and getting more and more brave in her food preparation with new and healthier ingredients. Oh! I am just SO proud of her!

And that’s what make this journey so darn important. We are all doing this together and working so stinking hard to live healthier lives and the support we provide each other is beyond invaluable!

Do you have a solid support system? If not, find one, like, yesterday! The encouragement and motivation you’ll receive will totally change the way you look at the meaning of success!

Until Next Time My Friends,

S. Taylor

The Taylor of All Trades

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