PAD Weight Loss Journey Day 81

It’s day 81 of my picture a day weight loss journey and some super exciting things happened clothes-wise.

PADweightloss Day 81 of 365

The first thing is that I literally couldn’t keep my pants up, like, alllllllll day. Just before I started this journey, I’d purchased some plus size stretch jeans that were a 22W. At the time, they were just about too small, so I was more like a 24. I had officially forfeited the ability to shop at stores that carry average sizes, major department stores and all the stores in the mall except Lane Bryant. I had let myself get so large that the only jeans I was able to wear were the ones I bought online. It was pretty depressing.

Well, all this hard work is paying off, because I simply cannot wear the jeans I purchased online three months ago anymore – they just fall right off!

And that’s not all! My mom sent me my birthday present in the mail and it arrived today. Truth be told, if it wasn’t for her, I’d never have any new clothes. When you let yourself get as large as I had, shopping becomes a depressing reminder of just how disgusted you are with yourself. In all honesty, I haven’t been shopping-shopping (like, in stores) in over two years.

But, miraculously, because my Momma is MY momma, she always knows what to get me. Somehow, she always finds me the PERFECT clothes, no matter what size I am.

So, today, when I received my birthday present and saw size 18 pants, the first thing I thought was, “she has more faith in me than I do in myself.” Then it dawned on me, she always does. She’s the most amazing encourager. She’s the first one to tell me I can do something and often sees in me things I can’t even see in myself.

Everyone should have a Momma like mine because she’s literally the BEST!

Anywho, I saw the jeans, tried them on, and (insert angelic music here) they fit LIKE.A.GLOVE. They’re absolutely perfect!

I film my courses next week, so the timing of her gift couldn’t be more perfect. With all the pants and blouses she sent me, I’m all set!

I just can’t believe I’m a size 18 again. It’s been YEARS since I was that small. When I get to a 16 I think I’ll probably fall out of my chair.

The more I think about my goal, 100 pounds in one year, the more I see it might be better to set a size goal than a weight goal. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely am still going to be working toward losing all 100 pounds, but more importantly, I’d like to work toward being a size 12, half of what I was when I started this journey.

Even at my very smallest (when I was playing water polo in high school and vigorously working out 7 days a week for hours on end) I was only an 8. I’m not saying it’s impossible to get to a size 8, but it’s really important to me that I don’t compare myself to me at 15. That was literally half a lifetime ago – no responsibilities, no husband, no kids, no job – I’d be a fool to set a goal based on an unrealistic expectation of myself.

I want to be reasonable and set an achievable goal because I want to succeed. And when I think of it in terms of dress size, I’m already halfway there!

Can you believe it?!?!?!

Days like this are super encouraging! If you’re on a journey like mine, keep at it – it takes a little time and a lot of adjustment, but, oh, friends, it is SO worth it!

Until Next Time My Friends,

S. Taylor

The Taylor of All Trades


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