PAD Weight Loss Journey Day 102

It’s day 102 of my picture a day weight loss journey and today’s big accomplishment was folding and putting away ALL of the laundry.

PADweightloss Day 102 of 365

You know your life has changed gears and your heart has changed goals when domestic accomplishments make you feel like a world-class champion.

This change is totally of God. I didn’t always love being a wife and mother. To be honest, there are definitely still days when finding that joy is a challenge. But overall, I am immensely fulfilled by being a domestic caregiver to my husband and children. It’s the kind of joy that only comes from being at the center of God’s perfect will.

I pray this joy for all my faithful wife and mommy friends. Our work is so vitally important but it can also be utterly exhausting, thankless, routine, and burdensome. On days like that, we have to remember that the work we do is for the Lord because His loving best for us is us being our loving best for others. When we choose to joy in our position, our position brings joy to others and gladdens the heart of our good God.

So, keep fighting that good fight, oh woman of God. Your work is important and the God of the universe takes notice. He will sustain you, He will build you up, and He will give you joy.

Until Next Time My Friends,

S. Taylor

The Taylor of All Trades

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