PAD Weight Loss Journey Day 169

It’s day 169 of my picture a day weight loss journey and, oh guuuuuunesssssss, today was a long day!

PADweightloss Day 169

It was my last day teaching as an independent contractor at the elementary school and all I have to say is hallelujah! it’s done!

I almost can’t believe I survived. My training, education, and experience are in adult education, so teaching children was definitely a different beast altogether.

But once I got home, I really wanted to work out before I had zero energy left. And I’m so glad I did! Today I was able to do a non-modified push-up for the first time in YEARS!

This journey has been so long and grueling, and sometimes it feels like I’m getting nowhere fast.

But that’s not true! All the hard work pays off in the end and I am now starting to see the fruits of all my labor. It’s seriously the best feeling on earth!

Praise the Lord for empowering me to accomplish my goal! I’m not there yet, but I’m getting closer!!

Until Next Time My Friends,

S. Taylor

The Taylor of All Trades

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