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Foil Quill by American Crafts

American Crafts Foil Quill Pen

Foil Quill by American Crafts

Taylor of all Trades Recommended Tool: Foil Quill by American Crafts

Taylor of all Trades Recommended Tool: The Foil Quill by American Crafts

One of my favorite things is when a tool I’ve wanted for a long time ends up exceeding my expectations. That’s exactly what happened with the Foil Quill by American Crafts. This lettering tool uses heat to permanently transfer foil to surfaces such as paper, leather, wood, fabric, and more. It has been designed with a heat proof handle and comes in different tip sizes, just like “normal” pens. Used for freestyle lettering, the Foil Quill can generate stunning designs in multiple color options and each pen comes with a starter supply of foil in addition to the stand alone foil options which are also available from American Crafts. Powered by USB connection, this tool is highly portable, lightweight, and only requires five-minute to heat up.

You can view a time-lapse demonstration of the Foil Quill in action by viewing this post in my Instagram feed at

Suffice it to say, when I received this tool as a Christmas gift from my husband, I was over the moon and I hadn’t even used it yet! Once I did, I became an instant fan. The Foil Quill is easy to use, effective, and creates stunning designs. And to top it off, it is so much FUN to use!

So if you’re looking for your next lettering addition, I highly recommend the Foil Quill by American Crafts!

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